Water Sprinkler Controller – 10 Most Popular Garden Water Sprinkler You may need

Water sprinkler controller reduced water uses of the lawn and garden. It automatically controlled the flow of water and  regulate time of water uses. Among irrigation equipment water sprinkler controller is most necessary product. Garden water sprinkler has built-in water saving option including sensor to adjust to the optimal lawn sprinkler. By using lawn sprinkler controller minimize water waste and get an amazing beautiful lawn and garden. Your relative, nearest person, friends will love it. You can straightly save thousands of gallons of water in your lawn, and save your plants from drowning, with the correct setting of your Water sprinkler controller.

Water sprinkler controller can create your lawn support explanatory easier. In fact, once you get these products initiated, you’ll possible never have to be compelled to have faith in your watering schedule again! You’ll save time, money, and your plants are going to be healthy and happy!

Here We’ve talked about 10 most usable, affordable, best customer review base water sprinkler controller. These are the most effective irrigation equipment with reasonable costing. Try one of this garden water sprinkler, you must get your wishful result… guarantee!! Enjoy your gardening.

Aqualin Two Outlets Garden Automatic water sprinkler controller Timer Digital Electronic Solenoid Valve

Rating 5 out of 5

Price: $51.41

Water sprinkler controller Description:

This water sprinkler controller is designed to make controlling your lawn watering simple, smooth and extraordinarily bendy in order that it meets your unique custom designed desires.

Need to wash your automobile or water your garden manually throughout an extremely warm day? In reality click on the ‘manual’ button and set your ‘manual’ watering consultation duration, the manual watering will close via itself at the desired time.

irrigation equipment

Functions of garden water sprinkler:

Running water pressure: 1 to eight bar (15 to 116 psi) (solenoid valve inside)

Guide Watering: to be had (may be set from 1 min,.. As much as 240 min)

Programming: clean to set with huge dial

Rain put off button: you may set this water sprinkler controller to postpone watering with the aid of 0H,24 H, 48H, or 72H

ECO button: ecological watering mode: to break up the watering length into several smaller watering durations with pause, whilst still hold the overall watering period same.

L/R button: to shift among left or proper valve

Electricity-saving solenoid valve generation used

Clock time display

How regularly: can be set from 4h, 6h, 12h,1 day,2 day… Up to fifteen day

How long: 1 min, … As much as 240 min

Can be attached to three/4”(19mm) or 1”(25mm) tap

Solenoid valve used

Please use smooth water best

2XAA Alkaline battery ( Not added. Need to buy separately )

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Water sprinkler controllerAqualin Automatic Electronic LCD Display Home Ball Valve Water Timer Garden Watering Timer Irrigation Controller System

Rating 4.9 out of 5

Price: $29.99

Durable high impact construction made this water sprinkler controller long lasting. Digital clock time display helped to understand the timing. 8 different Programs ready to be set. It’s Simple, reliable, water-proof. This irrigation equipment Can be attached to  3/4”(19mm) tap or faucet. It can be set for one time instant manual watering. This garden water sprinkler has Manual ON, Manual Off, Auto mode system. Frenquency can be set per day, or each day of a week, 15 different day choices.


water sprinkler controller


Specification of this water sprinkler controller:

Working Temperature: 5 – 60 C (40 – 140 F)
Water Pressure: 0 – 8 bar (0 – 116 PSI)
Product Dimensions: 9.0*9.0*16.5 cm (3.5*3.5*6.5 inches)
Product Weight: 280 g (0.62 pounds)
Color: Cool gray and blue

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Water sprinkler controllerAqualin New Arrival Two Outlet Garden Digital Electronic Water Timer Solenoid Valve Garden Irrigation Controller for Garden,Yard

Rating 4.9 out of 5

Price: $56.65

This water sprinkler controller working water pressure is 1 to 8 bar (14.5 to 116 psi) so water will dropped on your yard perfectly. Watering timer can be set manually from 1 min …. up to 360 min. You can set to delay watering by 0H.1D,2D,3D,4D,5D,6D,7D by rain delay button. Energy-saving solenoid valve technology used. It can be set from 15 s, 30 s, 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, … up to 240 min on 0s,30s,1min,3min,5min,1H,2H,4H,12H,1D,2D,3D,4D,5D,6D,7D. 3/4”(19mm) or 1”(25mm) tap or faucet will be needed to attache this lawn sprinkler controller. Clean water is needed to best performance.


water sprinkler controller

More Details about this water sprinkler controller

TOPINCN Multi-function Two Dial Garden Water sprinkler controller Electronic Watering Timer

Rating 4.7 out of 5

Price: $17.06

Watering a large area of plant everyday is really tiring. With this water sprinkler controller, you can now maximize the efficiency of your irrigation system by programming time. Its battery-powered design works reliably once set, even in your absence. Mainly adopts quality plastic, high quality and durable. Intelligent watering timer, the standard clock time, you can set the watering time for your garden when you are not at home. The irrigation equipment is very practical and can be applied in your home garden, roof garden, lawn, balcony, courtyard etc. Practical product at good price, worth buying.

irrigation equipment

Capabilities of this water sprinkler controller:

Multi-practical liquid crystal display screen shows day of hour, minute and 2d for easy reference; buttons for smooth setting and re-placing.

The automated circulation mode of the product is routinely managed through starting the valve and final the valve.

Compatible with any lawn hose tap with lawn hose general thread.

The cycle valve final time of valve can be adjusted from five seconds to ninety six hours, fifty nine mins and fifty nine seconds.

The cycle valve opening time of valve may be adjusted from 5 seconds to ninety six hours, fifty nine mins and fifty nine seconds.

This garden water sprinkler controller is Suitable for the manage of irrigation structures within the domestic zone, consisting of lawn sprinkler, sprinklers, greenhouse and more.

TOPINCN Lawn sprinkler controller Specification:

Condition: 100% Brand New

Material: ABS

Color: Green as picture

Batteries: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

Water Inlet: 3/4″ internal thread

Product Size: Approx. 85 x 108mm / 3.35 x 4.25inch

Package Weight: Approx. 275g

Package Included:

1 x Irrigation Timer

1 x User Manual

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Aqualin Waterproof LCD Screen water sprinkler controller Solenoid Valve Garden Water Timer Garden lawn sprinkler controller with Multifunction

Rating 4.8 out of 5

Price: $35.98

This water sprinkler controller timers permits you to set it and it’s going to do the watering for you.

lawn sprinkler controller


Water pressure: 1 to eight bar (14.five to 116 psi) ( solenoid valve inward)

battery operated ( use 6f22 1x9v alkaline battery) ( not included you need to buy it separately)

manual irrigation: available

programming: 8 distinctive system available

how regularly: 15 day mixture solutions available for each program and day mode

caliber-saving solenoid valve technology used on this water sprinkler controller

clock time display make easy to understand timing on this irrigation equipment

two-separate-component design enable clean settings

button lock characteristic to shield settings

uv safety with a swing cover

may be attached to three/four”(19mm) or 1”(25mm) tap

9v alkaline battery wanted (no longer covered)

low battery indicator

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TOPINCN Garden water sprinkler controller Timer LCD Digital Intelligence Watering System irrigation equipment

Rating 4.9 out of 5

Price: $11.90 – 36.60

This smart digital water sprinkler controller is not only best a great useful resource to the usage of of water, however can also improve the performance of automatic watering. Besides, it will help you decrease the hard work price and self timing watering flower and potted plant even no person in home that brings a whole lot comfort for you. This garden water sprinkler also has many different benefits: easy to put in and perform, long lasting to use, low power consumption etc. in a word, it’s truely an ideal lawn sprinkler controller for micro sprinkler and drip irrigation within the garden, yard and balcony.


lawn sprinkler controller

Capabilities of this water sprinkler controller:

With sun panel layout, this garden water sprinkler controller could take in the solar energy as power deliver, eco-friendly and energy-saving.
The consumer can freely set this system with you want, sixteen packages available, very clean to install and use.
Self watering, timing irrigating. You may set watering times and watering time in line with day/according to month as you need. You in no way need to worry about the plant whilst you are away on official enterprise, bringing a whole lot convenience for you.
LCD display can manage the watering state of affairs and the standard time.
Sealing clear cowl can defend the liquid crystal display screen from rainwater. This lawn sprinkler controller additionally incorporates a stainless clear out net save you it from blocking off.



Water sprinkler controller condition: 100% Brand new

Coloration: shown as image

Material: Plastic

Water Connection: 21mm tap with 26.5mm thread

Hose Connection: 13mm(half of”)

Water sprinkler controller Frequency: 1-sixteen times a day, 1 time/three days

Irrigation Time: 1min (Min.), 9hour 59min (Max.)

Paintings strain: 0-400kpa

Water Temperature: 0-forty°C

Power deliver: sun electricity & 2 * 1.5V AAA rechargeable batteries (not included)

Irrigation Medium: clean fresh water

Program can be Set: single application, Multi-application, common software, Cycle software, one day, Multi-days

Operation: auto Operation, manual Operation

Bundle Weight: 285g


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Farmer bobo Garden Water Sprinkler Controller Timer  Autoplay Irrigation Equipment

Rating 4.7 out of 5

Price: $34.98

Precautions of this water sprinkler controller

The use of two alkali / carbon 1.five volt battery;;

Appropriate for zero-8 kg water stress;

Suitable for water temperature of zero~ 40

You may set the particular water time and set the present day precise time.

All-weatherproof. (it can be used outside)

There may be a brief watering feature (no effect on the set of methods)


water sprinkler controller

Using system of this garden water sprinkler:
Flip the dial to set the suitable program in keeping with individual needs.


Color: as shown

Component: material

Length (L x W x H): 10x10x6.Five cm

Thread size: 2 cm

Outlet Screw Diameter: 2 cm, 1 cm

Appropriate water temperature: 0 to forty degrees

Tiers celsius running strain: three-6 kg

Watering time: The minimum time for water is one minute, and the longest time is 300 mins.

Energy deliver: 2x1.5 V, AA battery (Batteries aren’t included in the package deal)

Lawn sprinkler controller Package deal list:

1 x digital garden Irrigation Controller (Batteries are not covered within the package deal)

1 x guide in English

Have something to go out and word busy? you are worried about your unattended, water shortage, plants wither. Farmer bobo water sprinkler controller timer solve your irrigation problem of you lawn and garden.

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Automatic Intelligent Electronic Water Timer Smart Phone Remote Water Sprinkler Controller irrigation System Solenoid Valve Hose

Rating 4.9 out of 5

Price: $49.99 – 57.45

This smart lawn sprinkler controller is easy to operate. It supports IOS and android device. You will control your watering  system by your smart phone now.

Important functions of smart water sprinkler controller:

High best plastic material, durable and light-weight

Automated and intelligent design, clean to operate

Suitable for the manage of iOS and Android structures, together with garden sprinkler, sprinklers, drip residence

Running voltage: 9V / 1.5A power adapter

Operating stress: 1.5KG – 8KG

Temperature: 1 – 50 Deg.C

For pipe: nine / 12mm, eight / 11mm, 4 / 7mm hose, 16PE pile

water sprinkler controller

Specification of water sprinkler controller

Material: Plastic

Bundle weight: zero.550 kg

Product size(L x W x H): 26.00 x 7.50 x 7.50 cm / 10.24 x 2.95 x 2.95 inches

Package length(L x W x H): 25.50 x 10.00 x eight.50 cm / 10.04 x three.Ninety four x 3.35 inches

Package Contents: 1 x lawn Irrigation Controller, 1 x Plug, 1 x English Use guide

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Yardeen Automatic 4-Zone Water Sprinkler Controller Timer System Garden Water Timer Including 2 Solenoid Valve

Rating 4.8 out of 5

Price: $74.29

Water Sprinkler Controller Description:

One 4-way water distributor and two solenoid valves are made-up

Simple settings in one controller

turn tap right into a four-area watering process

2 XAA alkaline battery required (now not included. Need to buy separately)

How long :1,2,3,four,5,6,7,eight….180mins ( every valve can be set alone)

Frenquency can be set in keeping with day, 2,3 ….15 days, week mode

start time can be set four cycles

​​it can work with rain sensor 21103


garden water sprinkler


Garden water sprinkler Specification:

operating voltage: DC 3V

Battery: 2 XAA alkaline battery

Static current: <=60uA

force pulse width: 100ms, pulse top: 18v

Low voltage signal blinks at <=2.4V

working water strain: zero.5-eight BAR

running water temperature: five-60 diploma (please do not use in a freeze environment )

color: gray and crimson

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Aqualin 8 Stations Garden Automatic Water Sprinkler Controller with EU standard Internal Transformer

Rating 4.8 out of 5

Price: $59.99

water sprinkler controller product description:

 to be had in 8 station configuration

rain postpone settings available

perfect for expert irrigation for golfing course, garden, garden, farm

water sprinkler controller

Specification of lawn sprinkler controller:

operating voltage: enter:ac 230v output: ac 24v

station#: can be configured to 4,6,8 stations, master pump wire available.

application a and b: each application can set 4 begin time, length(how long) may be set from 1 min to 240 min.

frequency(how frequently) may be set in 3 ways, day or days of the week, or each how many days(1-32 days), or even/bizarre day.

rain put off: to pause operation because of rain or other elements: 0, 24,forty eight,72 hours.

rain sensor: may be linked to rain sensor to skip watering all through rainy days

Check more details about details info of this water sprinkler controller

Water sprinkler controller save much time to watering plant and waste of water. Above ten lawn sprinkler controller list we provide is top rated and cost is affordable. Customers give positive feedback about this product. Stay with us and check our other blog about home decor items

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